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Totem Pole being carved in Craig, Alaska

While attending the Language Summit that is taking place in Craig, Alaska at Craig Tribal Association, I had the opportunity to speak with Shareholder and Apprentice Gregory Frisby. My Frisby has been working with Master Artist/Carver Reg Davidson on the Totem Pole for the Craig Tribal Association. Listening to the excitement in Mr. Frisby's voice about the knowledge that is being shared with him brings a smile to my face. Greg talks about the tools and the preciseness associated with the use of them. Greg demonstrated the use of the tools in order to level each side of the totem for accuaracy. Greg talked about the skill he has witnessed in Mr. Davidson. As an artist himself, he appreciates being able to work with Mr. Davidson and learn new techniques as well as learn little tricks all while furthering his own skill set. 

Greg is the Son of David and Anna Frisby. He is the Grandson of Algie and Bernice Frisby20240515_135400.jpg20240515_135522.jpg20240515_135253.jpg